The History of Rig Rentals

In 2007, Tyler Townsend saw the need for an oilfield service company that provided reliable rental equipment such as oil and gas supplies, temporary office trailers and oilfield mats.

He also knew that the industry need a company they could rely on when they needed an experienced crew or oilfield hot shot delivery.

Tyler launched the company as a small home-based business with less than a dozen pieces of equipment. His business acumen and company performance soon caught the eye of an interested rental company. Within two short years of opening, Tyler had his first merger.

Rig Rentals Today

Fast forward to today and you see that Rig Rentals has experienced significant growth. That home-based business is now a thriving shop and yard in Whitecourt with an ever-expanding client base and equipment fleet. Always progressive, the company continues to innovate the services offered, but never loses sight of Tyler’s original idea to be a flexible, hassle-free, customer-focused business.