Fracing Equipment



Tank manifold packages in various flange sizes and lengths including 12″ x 20′ ,12″ x 40′ , 14″ x 20′, 14″ x 40′.

– Comes with adaptors and/or connector spools, tank fittings (hammer or cam lock) and hoses.

– Manifolds have 25-4″ ports for convenience of tie-in points.

– Used for water distribution/management and to maintain water flow rates.

– Can be used with either water or oil mediums depending on the client’s fracing needs.

185m3 Insulated Buffer tank with dual manifold included.

– Cost effective

– Fall Arrest Protection / Guard rails are provided on tank roofs.

– Ready for confined space entry if the need arises

– Walkway on roof slip resistant

– Tank ported for heating either with dual 4″ steam coils or 6″ hot oiler ports.

– Dual manifold includes 12 – 4″ ports on both sides of tank for convenience and flexibility of tank placement

– Provides hydrostatic buffer and constant feed.

– Accurate water usage measurement through external tank gauge.

– Externally insulated

– Manway hatches located on roof for ease of access to tank internals for inspection / cleaning.

Flow back tank hi/low package.

– hoses used during the flow back of the well

– tie ins on the flow back tanks to help influence sand dropout through the cascade system using the high and low valves on the tanks.

185m3 open air tank with manifold included
185m3 open air tank with manifold included
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