Rig Rental's Services

Our services are designed to give you a one-stop experience for the equipment and labour you require.

We’re always adding ways to serve you better. View our equipment page to see our mobile and skidded trailers, fracking tools, oilfield units, clean portable toilets, towable electric light towers and more.

Our Difference:

What makes us different from the other oilfield service companies?

It starts with experience. We know what you need in the field because we’ve been there.

Next comes our client focus.  Oilfield projects have tight deadlines and exacting requirements, and that means you need a company you can trust to get it right the first time. We strive to be that company every day.  In our world, nothing is “good enough”–it has to be “exceptional”.

Finally, the range and quality of our services. We’re adding new equipment all the time to our already impressive inventory, and our labour crews come to you trained and ready for work. We have over 300 pieces of rental equipment–and that number is growing.